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Who are ‘HKO GROUP ® ™’?


Yes, I’m in to webbdesign as hobby atm. 
I’m just to platforms like

WordPress (development), Web development, Joomla, WoCommerce, TicTail, OpenCart, website builder etc.. 

As webdevelopment, design, Shopify, SEO, e-commerce, Magneto and so on.

I have some demo sites ° – Website Builder° & ~  WordPress + WoCommerce with plugins.

° 🔗

°        🔗

 °  🔗

° 🔗  

° http://LVKARMA.ORG 🔗

Theese are some of my domains who have or may have some platform installed and configured. 

We at HKO GROUP ® ™ support with services like:


For Example:

Try to Google for example

‘henkish’ (without ”). Google

we can simply do that your website tops in search by Google Search. 

If you want please checkout

(hund stall = Dog Shelter)


My Tinder

My Tinder

I’ve got myself a Tinder profile for the first time.. dunno why….

Tinder @kinghko

Follow my BFF on SM

Follow my BFF on SM

Yes, it’s my dog ? 🙂

Just click on his name to go to his Instagram @mrkingchihuahua

Also on Twitter, Scan picture below

Scan this to go to his Twitter.

The sun ☀ is shining. It makes so much for good feelings!.



Get a clean @email and website

Want to have a clean email and website?

[“ /“]

** You don’t need to have or with Ads everywhere.
** You can have / with NO ads at all.

I email to that I’m interested in email + subdomain. Then i got fast response with a list of domains to choose from. I took and as website.

All our domains offer both webmail and pop3/imap & smtp to easy have your mail(s) in your phone..

Get a clean email . like

** You can have / with NO ads at all.

With your website at ‘‘ – ‘
We offer pre-installed platforms like:
* WordPress
* WoCommerce
* Site Builder
* Joomla –
* OpenCart
* TicTail
*** FTP Access to upload what you want.

Interested? Email ?


// ?

Free Spotify Premium

Free Spotify Premium

For real. No bullshitting

Go to for more information and a video showing me using Spotify as it would be Premium but haven’t paid a cent for it.

Have used the same apk-file for several years and a bunch of phones, works every time.

Download – Install – Login: You have access to Spotify Premiums all functions, without any Subscription.

Go directly to to get to the webshop. You pay $30 in a “one time fee” Never more. That’s a payment that you’ll get in asfp

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